What is MIA?

My Identity App (MIA) combines traditional printed ID documents and electronic identities (eID) into a platform-independent smartphone app embedded in an ID ecosystem. MIA aims for transparent identification and authentification in the physical and digital world while security, privacy, data protection, usability and user trust are at equilibrium.

Who is MIA for?

MIA is for states with a need for a highly secure and very efficient governmental ID solution as an add-on for traditional ID documents in order to address digitalization matters in the public sector. The same solution can be used as an eID for businesses (e.g. finanancial, gaming or leisure industry, etc.) and governments demanding an easy to use identification and two-factor authentication service.

Secure Identity

MIA provides proper means of preventing identity theft as there is no need to store personal data on the smartphone.


New documents and attributes can be easily added to MIA.

Renew easily

Lost or stolen IDs can be easily revoked an renewed which saves time and money for the customer and clients.

Always with you

Traditional ID documents can be left at home as all your documents can be verified on your smartphone.

Money transactions

No additional Hardware or TAN is required in order to commit online bank transactions. Furthermore, the user can see all transaction details before authorizing the final transaction.

Self explaining

MIA enables users to verify the authenticity of ID documents without any necessary training.

Up to date

MIA works with up to date data all the time.

Use Cases

MIA can be used to:
• Show your ID at a roadside check
• Share your vehicle registration
• Prove your age with minimal data disclosure
• Check-in to a hotel
• Open a bank account
• Checkyourtimeline
• Third party app login


MIA is an identity management solution available on state of the art technologies. MIA is by default in data minimization mode allowing for no data to be stored on the smartphone. Personal data is always retrieved from already existing reliable databases that hold the citizen’s personal information. The security of MIA is not based on specific hardware solutions but rather is ensured by a secure process.


MIA is authenticated by the backend via client certificates, which are stored on the users’ smartphone. The certificate is stored in a secure way by using state of the art security technologies offered by mobile operating systems. All data transfers are secured using Transport Layer Security (TLS). There is no data stored on the smartphone and personal data is never transmitted directly between smartphones, but always retrieved from a trusted data source. Every data request must be approved by the person to whom the information belongs.


  • Start

    MIA is started and personal data from the MIA backend is shown on the smartphone.

  • Link

    Link for an exchange of data with thecorresponding users.

  • Approve

    The information to be transmitted is approved by the user and the transfer is complete.


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Oesterreichische Staatsdruckerei

First address for secure identity

The Austrian company with a long tradition, which has existed for more than 200 years, is now a leading international provider of identity management solutions. The Austrian State Printing House produces high- security identity documents, such as the passport with a chip and biometric security features. The private company develops products and solutions for secure digital identities within a secure environment.

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